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Published on Apr 25, 2016

((( Be sure to watch the End Credit Scene for the full experience)))) - Best watched in 720p, 1080p for best video quality.


A "What if" storyline set in the DC Universe. Catch your favorite heroes and villains in this epic live action/animated feature. Created for the fans by a fan. Superman goes rogue in this 45 minute high-energy and action packed movie brought to you by Striking Star Productions. The Justice League, Teen Titans and an all star cast of DC's favorite characters clash in this game changing comic book movie event. Will Superman destroy the world? Can the world's finest stop the onslaught of the invading Red Lantern Corps. The comic book world will never be the same.


This is a fan movie dedicated to cosplayers, comic book lovers, movie lovers and anyone into sci-fi fantasy. No kickstarter or outside funding was used. I am not trying to sell any of these works in the completed movie because a majority of characters involved are not my creations. I, Jamal Johns, started this project with my brother Nino Ascencio in February of 2013. We gathered our friends, family and actors from all of our surroundings to bring you this special story of Superman raging into the dark side. This movie is not for profit and free for world viewing. I am purely expressing my love of art and cinema as an independent artist.


By the way *!THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!* Due to the nature of this program viewer discretion is advised. Rated [PG13]


Running Time: 44:00

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